The connective fabric for modern distributed systems.

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Synadia’s connective fabric is powered by Synadia’s solutions make cloud and intelligent edge computing easy with 100% cloud portability, ultra-low latency, and the flexibility to run in any environment and on any device.

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Synadia is proud to host many of the top maintainers of the project.

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NGS is a global utility to connect all devices, applications and services with up to 99.999% uptime guarantees. Managed with JetStream data streaming and persistence ensures the highest reliability and uptime. User-friendly predictable pricing and no lock-in.

NATS EnterpriseNATS Enterprise

Service and support for enterprise deployments of and JetStream data streaming and persistence. Brought to you by the team that develops and maintains the open source project.


From multicloud to microservices to modern cloud-native applications and Kubernetes, the future of technology is distributed computing and intelligence. Synadia makes the connective fabric that enables this future — cloud-agnostic, edge aware, real-time, highly-available, scalable, persistent and secure.

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Synadia technologies provide a lightweight data and messaging fabric overlay that enables 100% portability. Switch workloads between clouds in milliseconds or load-balance across clouds. Our single-connection URL banishes lock-in. Save costs, improve uptime, boost resilience.

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Intelligent Edge

Emerging edge applications need to run in “low-resourced” network and hardware environments. + JetStream persistence enables asynchronous and autonomous edge processing with observability from cloud to edge. Reduce edge latency and network costs.

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Simplify complex streaming data architectures by replacing multiple components with NGS or Add new capacity on-the-fly without adding instances. Make painless changes to client topologies, schemas and APIs without rebooting. Improve overhead, time-to-market and developer agility.

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Replace server-based applications with a cloud-native alternative designed for fully distributed and hybrid deployments. Improve throughput and performance while dramatically reducing costs and eliminating multiple single points of failure. Quickly migrate from hardware to cloud.

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Intelligent Data

Save cloud computing and network costs and improve latency for distributed applications with materialized views. Automatically persist responses for common queries in a distributed key value store integrated directly into the JetStream architecture.

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Less Complexity, Better Security

Reduce complexity in modern distributed systems while improving security. Establish least-privilege access and full segregation of individual services and subscribers by default. Provide high-security multi-tenancy for internal SaaS. Deploy Zero Trust infrastructure with minimal toil and maintenance.

Why Use and NGS


Flexible deployment models using clusters, superclusters, and extension nodes. Mix, match and seamlessly scale across any environment. Supports 48 programming languages with more coming.


Designed for multi-tenancy with data isolation and granular access controls. Security policy not dependent on topology or connection. + NGS automatically do the right thing.


Process millions of messages per second per server on infrastructure a fraction of the size of legacy solutions. Reduce latency, cloud and data costs for streams, services and eventing.


Real-time self-healing enables scale up, down or hot-swap to other infrastructures. Access clients require zero awareness of topology, future proofing systems and baking in backwards compatibility.


See the entire picture of all your deployments without requiring extra monitoring components or sidecars. Observe detailed application and message metrics everywhere, down to individual messages, clients, and subjects.

Open Source

Open source powered. Community driven. Synadia, the lead maintainer of, is committed to ensuring that it will always be available under friendly licensing terms -- no gotchas.


Synadia, and, were designed from the ground up for the new reality when all computing, applications and infrastructure are truly distributed. The company is funded by leading VCs and strategic investors including True Ventures, Bold Ventures, and Accenture. The team is fully distributed and globally available. Synadia’s diverse customer base ranges from Fortune 500 enterprises in finance, retail, healthcare and industrials, to innovative startups in fintech, industrial IoT, AI, gaming, and transportation.

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