NATS for the Adaptive Edge - A cloud native platform for IoT developers

Steve Dischinger

Posted on Sep 26th, 2022

We have entered a new era of distributed applications and infrastructure driven by the unique performance, security and resilience required on the Edge. Developers of distributed applications need new capabilities that allow applications to continue functioning effectively, even in conditions of poor or intermittent connectivity. As performance expectations and service level agreements approach near real-time for a growing array of functionalities, applications require greater persistence and autonomy on far more widely distributed arrays of nodes; the Edge becomes the compute fabric, the memory and the application tier, all rolled into one.

As innovation takes off at the Edge, one aspect we’re all trying to avoid is complexity. The Synadia Adaptive Edge vision encompasses the delivery of real-time microservices & applications across any cloud, any geography, and to any device. As developers & architects start with our platform they quickly discover how they can dramatically reduce their costs & simplify the software stack by removing components like:

  • Load Balancers
  • Firewalls
  • Traffic Shapers
  • External Latency Tracking
  • Service Mesh
  • Cross cloud SecOps

We are thrilled to partner with the IoT Community & Valuer.AI on this report. Explore the full article - IoT Community Cloud-Native Applications.

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