Synadia is on a roll!

Steve Dischinger

Posted on Oct 18th, 2022

Synadia has been on a roll lately.

We recently were awarded the Stratus Award for Cloud Disruptor of the year. What we love about this award is that it is not for a single cloud service, rather it recognizes the truly game changing capabilities provided by Synadia and the platform for enabling our customers to deliver globally distributed applications across any cloud, geography or device.

On the product front, the NATS Server version 2.9 release was a major milestone which was a result of the combined efforts from over 40 community contributors and the Synadia team. The 2.9 NATS server release provides both significant new capabilities as well as platform stability and resiliency. One of the repeated requests from our users has been around simplifying the challenge of delivering consistent data to highly distributed edge environments, reliably and with very low latency. Not an easy thing to accomplish on a global basis to edge devices such as autos, wind turbines, or satellites. NATS Server v2.9 provides great functionality to enable this data locality use-case both simply and securely.

Our ecosystem also continues to expand with amazing partnerships and joint solutions. Here are just a couple of the recent highlights:

Given all of the progress and activity we thought it was time to get our global community together to more formally update everyone. Our upcoming event will be a ½ day virtual event November 10th, full of product updates, demos and use-cases. We are calling it RethinkConn 2022 to highlight how Synadia is fundamentally transforming the distributed computing and connectivity market. Please register for this free event

We are also looking forward to seeing everyone at Kubecon + CloudNativeCon in Detroit next week. Join Tomasz Pietrek, Jeremy Saenz & Todd Beets from Synadia for their NATS Project Maintainer talk “Connect All the Things! Using NATS to Simplify Communication Everywhere”, Thursday October 27, 2022 2:30pm - 3:05pm ET. Add it to your Kubecon schedule today!