NGS Definitions

Updated April 11, 2022


Secure, isolated communication context with limits that allow multi-tenancy for NGS customers. accounts define capacity and limits as well as facilitate the controlled exchange of information.

Maximum Message Size

The maximum number of bytes a message can contain, including header fields.

Client Connections

Concurrent software application connections to NGS of any software application’s direct connection to NGS.

Shared Streams and Services

NATS Account imports and exports that permit ingress and egress of specific data streams or requests.

Standard Storage

Storage persisted in NGS.

High Availability Storage

Storage persisted in NGS that is replicated in at least three separate locations.

NATS Extension Nodes

Concurrent connections with any unmodified current version of NATS Server connected to NGS, downloaded and licensed from

Standard Streams

NATS JetStream streams using standard storage.

High Availability Streams

NATS JetStream streams using high availability storage.

Standard Consumers

Durable or ephemeral NATS consumers attached to a stream with standard storage.

Subscriptions per Connection

The number of NATS subscriptions attached to a connection. A NATS subscription registers interest in a subject in order to receive messages.

High Availability Consumers

Durable NATS consumers attached to a stream with high availability storage.

Total Capacity

The monthly network usage limit for all Customer accounts before overages occur.